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Ernest Cassara has decided that struggling with the technical mysteries of posting a web magazine is taking too much of his time away from other activities. So he and I have agreed that I would assume the job of managing editor while he concentrates his efforts on his own writing, making contributions as as founding editor. I want you all to know that we'll do our best to continue the spirit of the Harvard Square Commentary as Ernest conceived it. We will, though, take advantage of this transition to make a few changes. Since I have no more patience with the technical intricacies of the internet than Ernest does, I'm going to get my brother Neil Turner, who manages several other web sites, to design and update the structure of the site. As a result, we'll have a few more visual features and navigational tools that I hope will allow you to move around among our features more easily. During the first several weeks of the refurbished HSC we may not have quite as much content as has been the case in the past. But over time, by enlisting a wider variety of writers, I hope we can make the magazine more full than it has ever been. I'm sorry to tell you that Larry Hamby, who has supplied the humor column in the past, has decided that he needs to direct his activities elsewhere. We very much hope that Larry will continue as a reader and will send suggestions whenever he has a chance.

I'd like for the HSC to be as interactional as possible. So I encourage all of you to send us your thoughts as often as you can. I want to start a letters to the editor section and I hope each of you will consider contributing to it.

Up till now, the HSC has been mainly political. And it's my intention to continue that emphasis. But we'll try to add items on literature, popular culture, and film over the next couple months. If any of you want to contribute articles on those subjects -- or on politics too, for that matter -- please send them to me. My e-mail address is

My own ambition for the magazine is that we'll take up themes and topics that ought to be addressed in the major media but aren't. I don't think journalism is performing well at the moment for the American people, and if we here can improve the situation by being independent and, occasionally, bold that would please me a great deal.

Write to me when you can.

John Turner

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