From the Editor

January 30, 2006

You'll notice that we've changed the design of the site. I hope you'll find it more appealing and also easier to manipulate. We assume that most readers will chose only the items that most interest them. Although we would like all of you to read every word, we want you to be able to use the site in the way that's best for you.

We've had an internal discussion about the number of items we need to offer you each week. This number has nine in addition to this note. We don't think that's quite enough but on the other hand we don't want so many the home page becomes confusing. I suspect that when we get our team of writers together, we'll settle down somewhere between twelve and fifteen. If you have thoughts about the ideal number we would love to hear them.

Our political stance has been critical of the current presidential administration. That's because our writers genuinely believe that developments over the past five years have been harmful to the nation. But we would be open to publishing other points of view if anyone wants to send them to us. And, remember, we want to start having a "Letters to the Editor" section. So crank up your computers and tell us what you think.

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