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Berkeley Revisited
Jerome Richard
On the steps in front of Sproul Hall on the University of California’s Berkeley campus a small plaque proclaims: “Mario Savio Steps – Dedicated 1997.”  It is unusual to dedicate a stairway...

Harvard Square Observer:
Democracy & Hypocrisy
Ernest Cassara
Our government is all in favor of democracy.  Indeed, it is sacrificing the lives of many of our fellow citizens...

A Leading Historian's
Take on 9/11
Lawrence Velvel
There was a brilliant op/ed column titled "Finding a Place for 9/11 in American History"  by Joseph Ellis...

...objectionable representation of the prophet Mohammad... / ...cancelling The Book of Daniel... / ...CNN replaced our favorite Aaron Brown...

Significance for the Long Run:
Developments Last Week
...unrestrained government surveillance of private lives... / ...political satire... / ...is the president of the United States incompetent... / ...the joint chiefs of staff don't like... / ...the press has been lackadaisical...
Everything Else

Poetry Musings
Tom Absher
The Ring of Brodgar
                                 - for Dan Noel

Chuckle of the Week
Nice Dog
A man was flying from Seattle to San Francisco...

Wisdom from Polonius
Thoughts of E.Roosevelt, H.Hoover, F.Hurst, and J.Weinstein

Now Showing: Syriana
Syriana is reputed to be a confusing movie. That's not an accurate reputation...

From the Video Shop:
Lord of War
Neil Turner
The rise to power of an international arms dealer is the subject of...

Last Week in TV Land
Medium / the State of the Union Address / The Door in the Floor / Without A Trace / Stargate SG1

Volume II                                        February 6, 2006                                     Number 3
Editor's Panel

From the Editor
Launching a frail journalistic vessel each week into the ocean of the internet is...

From Liberty Street:
The Cult of the Presidency
...those who oppose President Bush are exhibiting manifestations of paranoid neurosis...

Letter to the Editor
...a battle between Fundamentalists...

Ernest Cassara
Founding Editor

John Turner
Mananging Editor

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