From the Editor

A friend asked me what topics I would take for the HSC, and I answered that right now topic wasn't a criterion of acceptance. The only requirements are that the writing be reasonably clear and that the submission have a modicum of intelligence. I realize some of you may be skeptical about that since our pieces do reflect a certain political tone. But that's simply because of the opinion of our writers. And writers of a different opinion are welcome. Admittedly, I'm the person who decides what does and doesn't have the modicum of intelligence, so I can't claim that our little publication is perfectly objective. But I really am ready to include differing views. We don't want pure rant nor do we want name-calling of a non-descriptive variety. But we would be happy to hear from someone who thinks George Bush is one of the fine statesmen of American history.

So if you have friends or acquaintances who are angered by what they've seen so far, urge them to supply us with refutations.

Perhaps the day will come when we are so swamped with submissions we'll have to narrow our qualifications. But at the moment we are ready for almost anything. We hope, of course, that everything we post will be lively and interesting.

Perhaps you'll notice that we've changed our permissions notice. Instead of saying you need permission to copy from the HSC, we now say that you're welcome to do it without permission so long as you give us credit. One of our readers suggested the change and we were more than glad to comply.

I'll end with a quick book note. I just finished reading Mark Green's and Eric Alterman's The Book on Bush and I must admit it surprised me by its scholarly quality. I knew  before I started reading that it was critical of Mr. Bush and, consequently, thought it would be primarily a collection of opinions. There are, of course, plenty of opinions, but the principal feature of the book is its extensive coverage of the actual policies the Bush administration has pursued. The hundreds of notes in the back are almost as interesting as the text. I recommend it to you as an informative discussion of recent government action.

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