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Ernest Cassara
We would be derelict in our duty were we not to comment on the departure of Dr. Lawrence Summers from the presidency of the institution from which this website derives its name...

• Adventures with the Phone Company
• Unintended Consequences
• Arab vs. Israeli Newspapers

Significance for the Long Run:
Developments Last Week
• A letter writer makes a puzzling point
• Value of offensive free speech
• Derbyshire's promise
• Trust and obey
• Self-loathing
• How dumb can people get?

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Everything Else

Poetry Musings
Tom Absher
As a boy I did some sleepwalking one summer at camp...

Chuckle of the Week
• An emergency birth
• A picture and the worth of three words

Wisdom from Polonius
Thoughts of Voltaire, B.Franklin, C.Joseph, H.F.Amiel, and M.Twain

Now Showing:
Mrs. Henderson Presents
An endearing feature of English culture is that it's able to treat sexuality without leering...

From the Video Shop:
La Meglio Gioventù
Neil Turner
No, the number of minutes shown above is no typo. This film is over six and a half hours long. But...

Last Week in TV Land
Comments upon 24, The O'Reilly Factor, Law and Order, The Vast Wasteland, and Numb3rs
Volume II                                          March 6, 2006                                       Number 7
Editor's Panel

From the Editor
This week I call your attention to Ernest Cassara's thoughts about Larry Summers and Harvard. I can't disagree with anything Ernest says and yet I suspect I'm more sympathetic to Mr. Summer's than he is...

From Liberty Street:
Democracy and Its Future
Last week a friend e-mailed me a quiz about American government which has been given to a large number of high school students and also to an array of older Americans...

Letter to the Editor
The news media fail to defend the right of small nations to build a nuclear defense against the country which has already used two atomic weapons...

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