The US and Iran

The news media fail to defend the right of small nations to build a nuclear defense against the country which has already used two atomic weapons; a nation which has announced to the world it is ready to take preemptive nuclear action against enemies.  Nuclear nations complain about the sole military weapon which can stave off threats made by the US to demolish nation states. The media fails to point out that our government has backed out of an agreement to eliminate from the earth any and all nuclear weapons. There were few complaints by the US or other nuclear nations when Israel became nuclearized. Why will nations possessing the horror weapon go to the UN seeking to punish the only defense small nations have against marauders when the same threat is not made against India, Pakistan, and China as well as Israel? For myself, I believe earth’s nations should eradicate from the planet all such ultimate weapons before our wars destroy the earth.

Theodore A. Webb, Unitarian Universalist Minister Emeritus

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