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The War on Women
Ernest Cassara
The United States, as I have remarked before, is fond of fighting wars - on liquor (in the days of Prohibition), poverty (in the days of LBJ),  drugs, smoking, and, of course, terrorism...

• An Earlier Flu Pandemic
• The Unpatriotic Patriot Act
• Secretary Rumsfeld News Conference
• State Department Annual Human
   Rights Report
• The Loch Ness Monster Rears Its
   Head Again!
• If You Thought the Cheney Jokes
   Had Subsided!

Significance for the Long Run:
Developments Last Week
• What Do They Need to Know?
• Ancient History?
• The Power of Reputation
• Intellectual Corruption
• Hysteria Unleashed
Everything Else

Death's Door (Modern Dying and the Ways We Grieve)
Reviewed by Jerome Richard
What is behind death's door? Speculation has been endless...

Poetry Musings
Tom Absher
Early in the 1960s I declared to my draft board that I was a Conscientious Objector and they...

The Peculiarities and Wonders of Our Mother Tongue
You think English is easy?

Chuckle of the Week
"Expert Help" from a HMO

Wisdom from Polonius
Thoughts of V.Hugo, W.Golding, M.Beerbohm, and M.Twain

From the Video Shop:
Half Light
Neil Turner
I love a good old-fashioned mystery / thriller and Half Light deliciously qualifies as one...

Last Week in TV Land
Comments upon The Academy Awards, 24, Painkiller Jane, Bones, CSI, Real Time and a Cockney Gecko
Volume II                                          March 13, 2006                                       Number 8
Editor's Panel

From the Editor
At the Johnson Society last week we talked about death, a gloomy subject you might say...

From Liberty Street:
America and Science
I wish everyone could read Michael Specter's article in the March 13th New Yorker, titled "Political Science: The Bush Administration's War on the Laboratory."...

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