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We've had actual spring-like weather here in Vermont for the past week, which is a little strange for this time of the year.

Probably the biggest news story of the week had to do with more reports that George Bush was set on war with Iraq from early in his first term, and probably no diplomatic development would have stopped him. In other words, nothing the government of Iraq did to comply with Western demands would have prevented Bush from invading the country. I suppose there must be people in the nation who haven't known that was the truth. But for anyone who has paid attention, it has been evident for so long, this week's revelations couldn't have had much impact. And the press treated them as more or less a ho-hum matter.

The most interesting nonpolitical article I read was H. Allen Orr's review in the New Yorker of Daniel Dennett's Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon.  The book speculates about whether, for a group, being religious confers an evolutionary advantage. But it doesn't come to any conclusions. We have thought of evolution as a mechanism for preserving the individuals of a species rather than as an agency for regulating group survival. But it may well be that the two processes interact in ways it is very hard to figure out.

I finished reading Roger Poole's The Unknown Virginia Woolf and came away from it uncertain about Virginia Woolf's mental state. Whether one would say she had a medical malady depends more on the definition of words than on any clearly ascertainable fact.

Remember, if you have time to tell us what you think about anything in the HSC this week, be sure to do it.

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