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Torture, Truth, and Tyrants
Sherwood Ross
Like it or not, there is ample historical precedent for the Bush Administration policies that have upset so many Americans...

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Wisdom from Polonius
Thoughts of Ecclesiastes, W.C.Fields, G.Herbert, and S.Johnson

Chuckle of the Week:
Social Security
Having reached the age of 65, I went to apply for Social Security last

Site of the Week: Gather.com
Gather is a place where you can share the things that matter to you with the people that matter to you, too.

From the Video Shop:
Making Love and
Brokeback Mountain
Neil Turner
When I first began to read and hear the hoopla about Brokeback Mountain...

Volume II                                          April 17, 2006                                       Number 13
Editor's Panel

From the Editor
On this Easter weekend we have an abbreviated edition of the Harvard Square Commentary. It seems that several of our writers are off on travels and I am also away from home, visiting my brother in Annapolis...

From Liberty Street:
Irreligious Religion
On this Easter morning, in supposedly one of the most religious countries in the world, the thought comes to me powerfully that our chief failing is not too much religion but too little...

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