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Re: Why I Won't See the Rachel Corrie Play (4/3/06)

Jerry, Thank you for words of clarity and wisdom.  I am a left leaning, tree hugging, peace desiring, vegetarian Jew who will not let myself, Israel, or any Arab individual, government, or entity get off criticizing the other without taking a careful look at self. And, when we take action, as Rachel did, it behooves us to take the best possible action at the given moment.  While I don't doubt Rachel's sincerity, I'm not sure if her actions were the best possible, the wisest, of that moment.  While, I'm not sure that any of us can honestly say that we live up to this, I think that it is the attempt to live up to it that will improve all of us and our living condition.


Re: From Liberty Street - Irreligious Religion (4/17/06)

John -- I thought this a much better sermon than Dr. Johnson's.

John Devitt

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