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Arbitrary Rule Comes
to America
Sherwood Ross
Doug Thompson, the Capitol Hill Blue E-zine founder and a guy who has a knack for reporting events from inside the White House first, says he can’t board an airliner...

Lawrence Velvel Interviews Tyson Slocum on the
Price of Oil
The energy director of Public Citizen, Tyson Slocum, said on Thursday, April 20th, that the high price of gasoline at the pump has little relationship to the costs of drilling for or refining crude oil...

• New Form of Fascism

Significance for the Long Run:
Developments Last Week
• The Good of Secrecy
• Guilt By Association
• Snow's Appointment
• Withering Trust
• Keep Your Digestion in Mind
• Russian Missiles in Iran
• Price of Self-Image
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Wisdom from Polonius
Thoughts of Gasoline

Chuckle of the Week:
Some startling facts to ponder

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The Spice of Life
The Gourmet Spice Shoppe

From the Video Shop:
The Dying Gaul
Neil Turner
One of the reasons I like being a member of Netflix is that I am able to see many obscure little films that are never shown anywhere outside art theaters or film festivals...

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Volume II                                           May 1, 2006                                        Number 15
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From the Editor
In the middle of this week, I'm going away from home to spend two and a half weeks in England and Scotland. While I'm gone here's how the Harvard Square Commentary will be scheduled...

From Liberty Street:
Repeating History
Over the past couple years there has been a good deal of speculation about whether George Bush's adventure in Iraq is another Vietnam. In the abstract the answer is obvious...

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