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In the middle of this week, I'm going away from home to spend two and a half weeks in England and Scotland. While I'm gone here's how the Harvard Square Commentary will be scheduled:

For May 1st: we have the edition you are reading now

For May 8th: we will put out an abbreviated edition which we will keep posted for two weeks

The May 22nd edition will probably have to be a day or so late and will be posted on Tuesday or Wednesday of that week. It will have some of the items and observations I've made during my trip.

The tour to Scotland will be the last trip for Word and Image literary journeys. On this one, a small party will follow about two-thirds of the route Samuel Johnson and James Boswell took in the late summer and fall of 1773. We feel fairly sure we'll find conditions much changed from those encountered by the intrepid pair, who when they went felt that they were visiting a genuinely remote part of the world. Consequently, our trip will not require heroism, which is just as well because I'm fairly sure that my supply of heroism is running low. In any case, I'll let you know what happened when I get back.

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