Ernest Cassara

New Form of Fascism
We thank Warren Seamans for the following thoughts:

The following is the final paragraph in Ian Kershaw's The Hitler Myth (Oxford Press 1987, page 268-269):

Old myths are, however, replaced by new as the combination of modern technology and advanced
marketing techniques produces ever more elaborate and sophisticated examples of political image-
building around minor personality cults, even in western democracies, aimed at obfuscating reality
among the ignorant and gullible. The price of abdicating democratic responsibilities and placing
uncritical trust in the 'firm leadership' of seemingly well-intentioned political authority was paid
dearly by Germans between 1933 and 1945.  Even if a collapse into new forms of fascism is
inherently unlikely in any western democracy, the massive extension of the power of the modern
State over its citizens is in itself more than sufficient cause to develop the highest level possible
of educated cynicism and critical awareness as the only protection against the marketed images
of present-day and future claimants of political 'leadership'.

Kershaw's words seem even more appropriate today than they did when written two decades ago. This country seems to be moving very rapidly towards some 'new form of fascism' -- and doing so apparently quite willingly.

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