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From John R. Guthrie, Simi Valley, California:

Re: Arbitrary Rule Comes to America by Sherwood Ross (5/1/2006)
Excellent and thought provoking article.

Re: Significance for the Long Run: Developments Last Week (5/1/2006)
Thoughtful and worthwhile journal entries.

Re: From the Video Shop: The Dying Gaul by Neil Turner (5/1/2006)
I put the film on my Netflix queue.

Re: From Liberty Street: Repeating History (5/1/2006)
An excellent and timely article. It brings to mind another excellent book, H.R. McMaster's
Dereliction of Duty: Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, The Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the
Lies that led to Vietnam. New York: Harper Collins, 1997.

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