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The Nation:
Bush Creates "Crisis" with Iran
Sherwood Ross
The Bush Administration has created “a premature crisis” with Iran that is...

The United States of England
Sherwood Ross
Why don’t we call America the United States of England? It may be a...

The Limits to American Power
James Adler
When it comes to issues of genuine international concern...

From President to President
Mr George Bush, President of the United States of America. For sometime now I have been thinking...

Harvard Square Observer:
Rachel Corrie in London
Ernest Cassara
We attended the play based on Rachel Corrie's writings at the Playhouse Theatre in London...

• Our Trip
• Cleavage, Fore and Aft
• My Favorite German Coffee

Everything Else

Wisdom from Polonius
Thoughts of I.B.Singer, P.Picasso, E.Schrodinger, P.Tchaikovsky, and T.Edison

Chuckle of the Week
Donald Rumsfeld briefed the President this morning...

From the Video Shop: Duma
Neil Turner
This is a family film with a simple story. A boy and his father rescue a baby cheetah, raise it, and plan to return it to the wild...

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Volume II                                          May 22, 2006                                       Number 18
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From the Editor
John Turner
I promised before I went away to Scotland and England that this number would be both a little late and a bit short. And both those conditions turn out to be true...

From Liberty Street:
Relief, of Sorts
John Turner
Being away from George Bush's face, voice and words for eighteen days was liberating, after a fashion...

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Islamic and Jewish Nobel Prizes

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