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Orloff W Miller, Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany:

Re: What America Learned From World War II by Sherwood Ross (5/8&15/2006)
I am sending a copy of this article (with proper attribution) to classmates from high school,
college, and grad school, noting that this "is the sad heritage we Americans give to our children."

Re: Physical Courage, Moral Courage, And American Generals by Lawrence R. Velvel (5/8&15/2006)
Lawrence R. Velvel should have been identified (according to Google) as the Dean of
Massachusetts School of Law.

Re: From Liberty Street: National Glory (5/8&15/2006)
This is a fine article, which I would like to share with my correspondents. However, the author
is not identified, and I am unwilling to share anonymous writings.  How ironic, that just beneath
the box in which I am invited to write my comment, the following words appear:  "Articles may be
quoted or republished in full with attribution to the author and harvardsquarecommentary.org."

Editor's Note: We have corrected our error by showing John Turner as the author of From Liberty Street.

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Articles may be quoted or republished in full with attribution
to the author and harvardsquarecommentary.org.

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