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John Turner

I promised before I went away to Scotland and England that this number would be both a little late and a bit short. And both those conditions turn out to be true, although because of the good work of Neil Turner, it isn't as short as I expected it to be.

Being away from home for almost three weeks gets one into a discombobulated frame of mind although it's also stimulating and causes one to see things from a fresh perspective.  I wouldn't want to be away often, but every now and then is probably healthy.

My excursion leaves me more determined than ever to argue for a free and decent America. We have  many fine things in this country and we would be foolish to let them wither because we lack the gumption to stand up against   repression and oligarchy.  We need to redefine the terms "patriotism" and "love of country" and take them away from people who see our nation as little more than a military-industrial complex with a dependent population. Where did the thought come from that supporters of the latter system are the real Americans?  There's nothing intelligent in that idea, nor decent, nor sensible, nor positive for the future.

So we can take heart from the knowledge that there's plenty of work for us to do in the months ahead.

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