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Harvard Square Observer:
One Cannot Escape Israel / Palestine
Ernest Cassara
When we arrived at our favorite hotel, in Tavistock Square, Bloomsbury, London - which now feels like a second home - one of the first things I did was to pick up a copy of the Camden New Journal...

More Moral Rot In Congress
Lawrence Velvel
We are currently being “treated” to more of the moral rot that infests both political parties and, consequently...

Hiroshima, a Poem
Sherwood Ross
The following poem is based on the text of John Hersey’s classic...

Ernest Cassara
• Victims of American Air Raids
• The Imperium Expands
• The Law of Unintended Consequences
• The Media Suckered
• When in Rome . . .
• It's Greek to Me!
Everything Else

In London:
Fleet Street to Gough Square
Fleet Street, past where Temple Bar once stood, still emits the aura of being a great journalistic stretch...

Wisdom from Polonius
Thoughts of E.R.Murrow, J.Arany, P.Aretino, and M.Twain

Site of the Week:
The Wall - USA
Neil Turner
This edition of HSC is being published on the Monday set aside to acknowledge Memorial Day...

Chuckle of the Week:
Non-Deep Thoughts
I planted some birdseed...

Now Showing:
The Da Vinci Code
John Turner
There could scarcely be a more caustic film review than Anthony Lane's account of The Da Vinci Code in the New Yorker. But when read carefully...

From the Video Shop:
Neil Turner
Felicity Huffman received an Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of Bree Osbourne in Transamerica - a nomination she richly deserved...

Volume II                                          May 29, 2006                                       Number 19
Editor's Panel

From the Editor
John Turner
Since I got home I've been reading H. V. Morton's In Search of Scotland and discovering many things about the places we visited which I didn't know, fully, when we were there...

From Liberty Street:
Tectonic Shift?
John Turner
We may be on the verge of a major change in political attitude. If we are, it's long overdue...

Letter to the Editor
• Re: Potpourri (5/22/2006)

Ernest Cassara
Founding Editor

John Turner
Mananging Editor

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