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John Turner

Since I got home I've been reading H. V. Morton's In Search of Scotland and discovering many things about the places we visited which I didn't know, fully, when we were there. The village of Glencoe, for example, which we drove through on the way to Aberfoyle, was the site in 1692 of a massacre "most barbarous and foul," when the Campbells, under orders from officials in Edinburgh, marched into the town, accepted the hospitality of the Macdonalds, and then, early one morning, murdered as many of them as could be found -- 38 in all. The excuse was that the head of the Macdonalds had been a few days late in signing a required oath of allegiance to William of Orange.  History is spotted with incidents of this sort which can cause one to wonder whether the human race has the right to exist.

When we got home, I found in the accumulated mail a volume of Lawrence Velvel's essays, sent to me by his colleague Robert Kent. I'm very happy to have it, and when I have time to read more in it than I've been able to up till now, I'll say more about it. But today,  I want to express my gratitude to Mr. Kent, and to urge you to get a copy of your own. The title is Blogs From the Liberal Standpoint, 20054-2005. It is published by the Doukathsan Press of Andover, Massachusetts.

If you found interest in the photographic piece about Fleet Street and Gough Square, you can find more pictures from my trip on the "Out and About" page of my personal website, wordandimageofvermont.com. I'll be posting additional geographical comments there over the next couple weeks. Travel always makes me wish I had become a geographer, but, then, after I've been home a while, I rediscover the virtues of staying put. Going places and staying at home form one of the great, and inevitable, tensions of human existence.

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