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Re: Harvard Square Observer  -  One Cannot Escape Israel / Palestine (5/29/2006)

Ernest is at it again. All he has to say about Israel (and he says it just about every other time he writes an article)is negative.I can't help wondering how a person in such a responsible position can be so biased (or is prejudiced a better description?)

Israel is at war, Ernest. Hamas, which was elected in a democratic election by the Palestinian Arabs want ALL of the State of Israel and has told the world again and again that it will use all means to achieve its goal. Are there delays at Israeli checkpoints? Are there Israeli soldiers raiding suspected Palestinian homes which may be hiding terrorists or bombs? Absolutely!

I repeat, Ernest: Israel is facing an enemy that is sworn to its destruction. Don't tell me Rabbi Cohen would agree with you. There is nothing in Jewish tradition that preaches suicide and the course of action Ernest seems to be recommending would lead to the destruction of Israel and that means many of its Jewish inhabitants.

Sim Prystowsky
Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania

Re: In London - Fleet Street to Gough Square (5/29/2006)

  • Thoroughly enjoyed your recap of the political issues and information about London.  Also your photos and comments do radiate the spirit of the places you write about. The Bloomsbury section has always been my home in London and I relive my good experiences there by your descriptions.

Dorris Alcott
Baltimore, Maryland

  • Thank you for this tour.  It was a real treat!

Alicia Forsey

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