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John Turner

It has been a chilly rainy week here in Vermont which, perhaps, has projected my mind into a chilly, rainy mood. I've been reading about Johnson's dictionary which has if not a chilly, rainy influence at least a sobering one. Dr. Johnson did not see the world as a vale of cotton candy.

Johnson reminded me of Matthew Prior's "The Epitaph," the poet's satirical tribute to "Sauntering Jack and Idle Jane."

If human things went ill or well;
If changing empires rose or fell;
The morning passed, the evening came
And found this couple still the same.

The stanza called to mind the huge trailer parks I see every time I visit Florida, inhabited by people in shorts and white socks, whose purpose in life has become a determination to avoid any discomfort from cold.

The goal of this journal is, in part, to ask what that view of life will lead to. I confess I don't know.  I don't want to suggest there's anything wrong with lolling in the sun, with the mind set on idle and a glass of wine on the table. But I am curious about whether that can be everything.

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