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In Scotland: St. Andrews

John Turner

The ancient town of St. Andrews, on the Scottish coast north of Edinburgh is best known today for the world's most famous golf course. But even if you're not a golf fan, St. Andrews has a lot that will interest you, including a ruined abbey and castle, and an university which causes the town to be known as the Oxford of Scotland. These photographs were taken on May 12th, when things that far north were just coming into bloom. There has been a chilly spring in Scotland in 2006.
You can see the golf course beyond the ruins of the castle along the low-lying peninsula that sticks out into the North Sea. While I was up in the tower of the abbey, some American ladies mounted the 157 curving steps to view the town and told me that their husbands were at that moment playing on the course. It had been the dream of their lifetime to play there and they had made their way through the complex scheduling and lottery system to give themselves a day on the course. The ladies said they expected ecstasy that evening.
A town can do worse than to fulfill the dreams of visitors and St. Andrews wins much affection for itself by doing it splendidly.