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End Game
Jerome Richard
In February of this year a scheduled execution in California was postponed because no medical professional would agree to administer a lethal injection...

America First!
Sherwood Ross
In a recent speech to the National Press Club, the president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors accused Washington of...

New Book Charges Pentagon Has Become "A Place to Fear"
Sherwood Ross
The Pentagon is now the dead center of an open-ended martial enterprise that no longer pretends to be defense,” is the conclusion of...

A Third Party And The Internet "Pipes" Providers'
Planned Strike Against Political Freedom
Lawrence Velvel
On Thursday morning, in The Wall Street Journal online, Peggy Noonan (of all people) favorably discussed the possibility of a third party...

Significance for the Long Run:
Developments Last Week
• Devil's Day
• Knowing
• A Rising Tide
• Crossing Lines
• Decider to Distracter

Everything Else

In Scotland: The Isle of Skye
John Turner
Some of the tourist guides say that with the building of the bridge connecting it to the mainland the Isle of Skye has lost much of its mystery and remoteness. But...

Wisdom from Polonius
Thoughts upon aging and diet

Chuckle of the Week:
Who Says Retirement has to be Boring?
Over the past six months, your husband, Mr. George Bates, has been causing quite a commotion in our store...

Site of the Week:
Life Is Change
This site features "The Evolution of Dance"  -  an entertaining six minute video by comedian Jud Laipply.

From the Video Shop:
The Syrian Bride
Neil Turner
A woman residing in the Golan Heights wishes to marry a Syrian. This would seem only a matter of concern to friends and family, but this is the Middle East...

Volume II                                         June 12, 2006                                      Number 21
Editor's Panel

From the Editor
John Turner
The Harvard Square Commentary is a little sparse this week, due to editorial sloth...

From Liberty Street: Labels
John Turner
I start with this epigraph not because I'm going to write about Samuel Johnson, much as I find him fascinating, but because it makes points about labeling that are pertinent to our own time...

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