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Re: The Weekly Blurb for June 12, 2006

"Keep in mind the theme that corrupted language leads to degraded -- and disgusting -- action, and tell us what you think."

Dear John,

The theme makes me think of a vicious circle: Disgusting and degraded actions lead to lies and window dressing about the actions using language that conceals much more than they say because they are deliberately mendacious. Vice versa, language that is created to cover degraded actions substitutes morally acceptable meaning for aggressive and brutal actions. For example: "Operation Iraqi Freedom", a noble cover always gilded with military 'honor', conceals and rationalizes the actual meanings of Abu Garaib, GITMO, domestic wire tapping, and other inflictions of  the reigning 'American' ideals of freedom.

I've selected examples from U.S. foreign policy, but our American political discourse is sinking in this vicious circle anywhere you look.

Charles L. Wilson
Danvers, Massachusetts

Re: In Scotland - The Isle of Skye (6/12/2006)

Thank you for the beautiful photographs and the commentary.

Re: From Liberty Street - Manliness (3/27/2006)

Well said.  My own father, born in 1880, imbued with the Victorian Ethic and raised on McGuffey's Readers, used to say that "A gentleman is one who cares about other people's feelings." He did not always live up to this ideal, but he believed it.

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