From the Editor

John Turner

I learned by watching the Sunday morning talk shows that the president has had a good week. He was featured on television in a non-negative way for flying to Baghdad. I heard one guy say it was an act of great courage.  Thus, goodness, in modern American TV land.

The grass here in Vermont is growing which means I have to cut the portion of it that comes up in my yard.  But I confess that the bumps and depressions I have to push my lawnmower across makes me wonder sometimes if my yard really wants to be cut.

Summer used to be a time when business and politics more or less closed down. But now in our modern go-go world we have to keep going full scale all year round. Leisure has become the ultimate obscenity in the dynamic global culture.  I reveal myself as old-fashioned when I say I long for the days when we sat all afternoon on the back porch sipping lemonade. But, still, I'm afraid I do.

Next week maybe something really big will come along and then I can refurbish myself by sounding truly up-to-date.

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