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Harvard Square Observer:
An Inconvenient Truth: the "Da Vinci Code" movie
is a mess
Ernest Cassara
I picked up a copy of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code in paperback at Dillon's Bookstore, Gower Street, in the midst of the University of London, several years ago...

E-mail Correspondence with Captain Byron King of the United States Navy Reserve
Lawrence Velvel
Appended below is a most interesting email from Captain Byron King, USNR, and a response to his comments...

• Our Endangered Values
• Israeli and Palestinian Leaders Meet
• Pay Raises, but Only for the Rich
• Diplomacy, Bush-American Style

Significance for the Long Run:
Developments Last Week
• How Bad Was It?
• How Do We Know?
• Protecting the Children
• Why Would They Ever Stop?
• Fake News
Everything Else

In New Hampshire:
Bretton Woods
John Turner
Along U.S. 302 in New Hampshire's White Mountains, just before you head down through the Crawford Notch, you'll come to the village of Bretton Woods and see off to the left...

Wisdom from Polonius
Thoughts of  O.Nash, H.F.Amiel, J.Swift, P.Casals, and An Irish Blessing

Chuckle of the Week:
How to Give a Cat a Bath
First ... dress for the occasion...

Site of the Week:
If Senator Gore
Were President
Our world would be so different!

From the Video Shop:
Neil Turner
This film's title, NaPolA is the acronym for "National-politische Erziehungs-Anstalt" or "National Political Education Institute" - a group of boarding schools established in Hitler's Germany to mold the...

Volume II                                         June 26, 2006                                      Number 23
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From the Editor
John Turner
I'm about sixty percent of the way through the reading of a novel by Irvin Yalom titled When Nietzsche Wept...

From Liberty Street:
Freedom and Intelligence
John Turner
In the Washington Post I've just read the story of Elias Fishburne and it strikes me as being the fable -- or maybe the nightmare -- of modern America...

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