On the Gazan Beaches Killings Crisis

James Adler

On the Gazan beach killings crisis, neither side may want to hear this, but:

Israel is not killing Palestinian children on purpose.  But some Palestinian extremists are trying to kill Israeli children on purpose-- with the more Israeli children dead the better.  And across internationally recognized lines into pre-1967 Israel.  With rockets fired from land Israel no longer occupies but gave back.  Where is the violation of international law?  Where should be (but isn't) the international outcry?

Palestinians and Arabs have been harming their cause with war and terrorism from the beginning.  If in 1948 they hadn't invaded and in the 1950s hadn't expelled their Jewish citizens, there would be no Palestinian refugees out of Israel and none of the Arab world's Jewish refugees in Israel: so the overall Jewish population of Israel would be so much smaller and the Palestinians so much larger that the Palestinians would be an overwhelming majority in both parts of partitioned Palestine-- which could easily have been reunified by now.  Also, after 1967, if the Palestinians had peacefully campaigned  for equality and civil rights as citizens of Israel (following Gandhi and King), instead of practiced violence and terrorism, there would probably now be one "Greater Israel" from sea to river with a Palestinian majority.

Palestinians need to learn that deliberately murdering Israeli children and families is not only immoral but has always deeply backfired.

But also: Israelis need to learn that the West is in a post-colonial and post-demographic era; and that Israeli Jews are a tiny people astride an informal empire of millions and millions of Muslims infuriated by the (understandably) perceived arrogance of their modern move to Palestine, as newcomers their claim to partition and a state, their claim  to the "right" to all Palestine (which Ehud Olmert still shockingly maintains), and their further expansionism and conquests -- which understandably offends world opinion, could lead to their own political harm, and also lead us all to an already approaching clash of civilizations and to the whole world's harm.

The tit-for-tat has to stop, and both sides need to take deep breaths and undertake concessions that are more fundamental and more basic for escape from their and the present world's danger than they right now even seem able to dream about -- tragically and very dangerously for us all.

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