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Re: War Fever and a Fable: The Swiss in the Middle of Bangladesh (7/17/2006)

I just wrote several friends, including two members of Parliament, calling their attention to "The Swiss in the Middle of Bangladesh." 

It gives a fresh viewpoint to this terrible struggle of the past 60 or 90 years.

I wrote:

So long as Britain and the US give unconditional support to Israel, so long as millions of Arabs
give unconditional support to Hezballah, the tragedy will continue, and may lead us into World
War III. 

Sadly there are those who look forward to this apocalypse as the fulfillment of prophecy.   Let
us show these "self-righteous prophets of evil" that they are wrong.

But remembering the warning of Bertold Brecht, in "fighting" for kindness. let us continue to
be kind.

Shalom, Salaam, Shanti,  Richard

Richard Boeke
Horsham, United Kingdom

Re: Harvard Square Observer - Olmert: The "Crazy Landlord" Parts 1 & 2 (7/17/2006)

While my own view of the awful Israel-Gaza-Lebanon situation is still in flux, it is not helped by misinformation.  Cassara refers to an "occasional Palestinian home-made rocket aimed at Israel."  There have in fact been over 200 such occasions this year.  He also blames the Lebanese Civil War, which began in 1975, on the Israeli invasion of the country, which started in 1982.  Mr. Adler's article demonstrates little more than what a muddle the situation has become.  Let's not make it worse.

Jerome Richard

Re: Harvard Square Observer and War Fever and a Fable: The Swiss in the Middle of Bangladesh (7/17)

Welcome back to Ernest Cassara, who has very quickly cut to the chase in response to Israel's latest military folly. 

And thank you HSC for the provocative fable comparing the present situation of Israel planted in the midst of Palestine as analogous to planting Switzerland in the midst of Bangladesh - an outrageous blunder!

Orloff W. Miller
Germany's left bank of the Rhine

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