Ernest Cassara

President Bush’s Theological Concern for Life

As you know, President Bush vetoed legislation that would allow the federal government to support embryonic stem cell research, on the grounds that it would destroy human life.  Now, let us see, it is preferable to flush thousands of unused embryos down the toilet than to allow them to be used in medical research that, conceivably, would lead the way to cures for such maladies as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and others.

As Senator Harken pointed out in the debate on the Senate floor, Mr. Bush is not our pope, or our religious leader ? although he may think he is.

As to Mr. Bush’s concern for human life, as governor of Texas, he presided over more executions than any of his predecessors.  At the time, it was reported that his minion Alberto Gonzales spent just a couple of minutes reviewing the appeals for clemency. 

Then, there is the slaughter in Afghanistan and Iraq ? well, you see the point!

Terrorists Abound!

You, no doubt, have noticed that leaders around the world have adopted the terminology of President Bush and Secretary Rice.  The opposition is labeled “terrorist.”  Thus, the Chechyans are “terrorists,” when they seek independence from the Russian Federation; the Palestinians are “terrorists” to Prime Minister Olmert, when they rebel in their prison camp, aka Gaza.  Etc., etc.

The Dead of Lebanon

Thanks to Souad Dajani, for forwarding the following links:

Seventy Six Palestinian refugees among dead in Sour (tyre), Lebanon



Israel’s “Christian” Supporters

On C-SPAN last week, Representative Engel of New York, defending Israel’s destruction of Lebanon, pointed out that Evangelical Christians support Israel.  Yes, well!  Congressman Engel, as a Jew, should be aware of why they support Israel.  They believe that their Lord will return, only if Israel exists.  What they don’t stress to their Jewish friends is that at the Second Coming, Jews will be given the choice of conversion to Christianity or the eternal flames of Hell!

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