Volume II                                     August 14, 2006                                  Number 29
A Political, Social, Literary Journal

Harvard Square Observer:
Ruminations in the
Summer Heat
Ernest Cassara
In the American heartland, surrounded by window air condition-
ing units...

Minorities, Poor, and Middle-Income Shut Out of High-Priced Law Schools
Sherwood Ross
Low- and middle-income students are being shut out...

The Seventh Circuit's Abominable Decision in the IBM Pension Plan Case
Lawrence Velvel
As readers of this blog know, my view is that honesty is a supreme virtue...

• The Polls Say!
• The Cubans of Miami
• Republican Shenanigans
• Traitor Joe’s
• Taking Exception

Implication for the Long Run:
Developments Last Week
• Christian Nationalism
• Iraqi Sovereignty
• Sustainablity
• Waking Up
• Prophets

Everything Else

In Newfoundland: Cow Head
Leslie Miller
From our home in Annapolis, Maryland, my husband and I have found our way to Cow Head...

Wisdom from Polonius
Ten from Will Rogers

Chuckle of the Week:
How to Hug a Baby
A primer for our canine readers...

Site of the Week:
Entertainment packages for those seeking fun on the Great White Way

From the Video Shop:
Ask the Dust
Neil Turner
This film is an intriguing modern-day film noir that catches your interest and holds it from beginning to the end...

Editor's Panel

From the Editor
John Turner
On Book TV yesterday, I saw a talk from Charlottesville, Virginia, filmed on May 19th, by Morris Berman, who was speaking about his new book...

From Liberty Street:
The Flood
John Turner
Deciding how to handle the spate of information that flows over us nowadays gets to be an ever more difficult problem...

Comments Upon Articles
• Re: Proportionality in the War
   in Lebanon 

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