In Newfoundland: Cow Head

Leslie Miller
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From our home in Annapolis, Maryland, my husband and I have found our way to Cow Head, a tiny town on the western coast of Newfoundland.

Along with our dogs, we have continued to visit and stay for longer periods of time during the warm months. 

We enjoy the company of the folks who live there who are as lively and steady as the wind.

I have spent many hours on rugged hilltops and in open spaces oil painting to try to capture some of the beauty on canvas.

In addition, I have studied the small harbor with its colorful boats and cabins that lie near our cabin.

The weather seems always exciting, wild winds whipping and heavy skies over the mountains and Gulf ever changing while the surf collides with the well worn rocks of the shore.

It feels almost timeless there. We love to take to the rocky shorelines to explore and to be a part of the remote, wild landscape with its continual motion of wind and waves.

Annapolis artist, Leslie Miller specializes in subjects of natural beauty in both her paintings and her more practical floor cloths.

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