Volume II                                     August 21, 2006                                  Number 30
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Harvard Square Observer
Ernest Cassara
• If you suspected that the
   reluctance of President Bush and
   Secretary Rice to call for ...
• We were saddened to learn of the
   death of Ned Hanauer...

From www.haaretz.com:
Meanwhile, in Gaza
Gideon Levy
The Gaza Strip has been completely closed to Israeli journalists for the last two months or so...

Updates on Two Recent Blogs
Lawrence Velvel
I wish to briefly bring you further up to date, as it were, about events discussed in two recent blogs...

• Overflowing Bookshelves
• Katrina and My Study
• Jon Stewart Re CNN
• On Board Luggage
• CNN, the Most Trusted Name
   in Entertainment!

Implication for the Long Run:
Developments Last Week
• Perception
• Satisfaction
• Exotica
• Public Knowledge
• Who Is God?
• Means and Ends
Everything Else

Mars / Earth Catching Up
The Red Planet is about to be spectacular!

In Annapolis: Ego Alley
Neil Turner
This part of the harbor in Annapolis, Maryland is often called "Ego Alley" due to the propensity of ...

Wisdom from Polonius
Thoughts of A.Goldberg, M.Maltz, R.G.Ingersoll, and e.e.cummings

Chuckle of the Week:
Advice from the Rabbi

Site of the Week:
Island Press
Your source for books on the environment

From the Video Shop:
Neil Turner
...the story of the hospitalization during World War I of English poet, Siegfried Sassoon...

Editor's Panel

From the Editor
John Turner
It's funny how truth gets established in this country. It's not by direct revelation or clear-cut evidence. Rather, it's a drip-drip process which...

From Liberty Street:
Lessons Forgot or
Refused to Be Learned
John Turner
One thing we can assume with a strong degree of confidence: the people who conduct the foreign affairs of nations around the world have less than good sense with respect to ...

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• Re: Potpourri (8/14/2006)

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