In Maine: Cape Elizabeth

John Turner

Cape Elizabeth is part of the Maine coast, just south of Portland, that's not as well known as the Bar Harbor region, or Boothbay. And that's good because, although it's popular it's not overrun with the kind of development that has marred the more famous resort areas. For the most part, Cape Elizabeth remains simply seacoast and handsome houses, with enough pleasant restaurants thrown in to save you from starving.
If you go to Cape Elizabeth, don't expect anything stupendous other than nature itself. That's what makes it inviting.

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One particularly inviting spot is a small, forty acre state park just north of Prout's Neck named "Two Lights." There's no beach there and therefore no swimming. But the rocky shore is fascinating with interesting geological formations and tidal pools. And there's probably no place in America where you can have a more restful picnic than on one of the widely scattered tables on the neatly trimmed lawn above the shore.
Harvard Square Commentary, August 28, 2006

I don't why it's  soothing to watch waves smash themselves on rocks. Maybe it's just that the patterns of foam are endlessly varied. Or that you can never predict which waves will send streams coursing through twisting, boulder-lined valleys. At any rate, it's an experience that's consistently mesmerizing.
If you get hungry at Two Lights, and don't have a picnic with you, there's a delightful restaurant named "The Good Table," run by Lisa Kostopoulos, with reasonable prices and a tasty menu just a mile or so from the park entrance.