Chuckle of the Week: Tarzan's Bad Day

Tarzan returned to Jane at their tree house at the usual time, not wanting to miss the cocktail hour.  He was not disappointed, Jane having the shaker in one hand and his glass in the other.

Tarzan literally gulped the martini, just pausing long enough to chew the olive, as he held out his glass for a refill.  This, too, he gulped down, again pausing long enough to chew the olive.

Much to Jane's surprise, who expected that he would stop at two glasses as usual, he held out his glass for a third.  Jane now realized that he was greatly troubled, his brow deeply furrowed with care.  He must have had a hard day.  Gently, she asked him how things had gone.

"Jane," he responded, "It's a jungle out there!"

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Harvard Square Commentary, September 4, 2006