Chuckle of the Week

In a small Vermont town, near the Canadian border, a policeman signaled for a car to stop. Rolling down his window, the driver asked, “Have a I done something wrong, officer?”

Much to the driver’s surprise, the officer responded, “On the contrary, sir.  The town council, in order to promote good driving, has set aside funds to reward exemplary drivers.  So, having observed your passage through the center, stopping in plenty of time at the four-way traffic stop, and politely allowing the car to your right to proceed first, on behalf of the town council, I am happy to hand you a check for $1,000! . . .  May I ask how you will use the money?”

“Oh!,” responded the driver, “I think I’ll take driving lessons!”

His wife, in the passenger seat, spoke up: “Oh, don’t pay any attention to him, officer.  That’s how he talks when he is drunk!”

Hearing the voices, the passenger in the rear seat awoke, and, seeing the policeman, said to the driver: “I told you not to drive without a license!”

Before the officer could speak, a tapping was heard coming from the trunk, and a voice called out, “Are we over the border, yet?”

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Harvard Square Commentary, September 18, 2006