Ernest Cassara

How Not to Run a Campaign

The latest polls show Deval Patrick with a 25% lead over Kerry Healey, for the governorship of Massachusetts.  Were Ms. Healey to ask my advice - I admit, most unlikely - I would point out to her that every one of her TV ads I have seen has been critical of Patrick, not one of them providing voters with reasons to vote for her.

Ex-Representative Mark Foley & Alcohol

The Florida Republican, as you know, has resigned, as a result of e-mails and instant messages that revealed his flirtation with a male congressional page.  Foley has fallen back on the favorite excuse of politicians who get into hot water.  “It was the booze that made me do it.”

I know nothing of Foley.  The few times I saw him on C-SPAN, I noted that he has very glowing eyes.  Maybe that attracted the particular male page.

President Bush and Democracy

With things going to hell in Iraq, President Bush continues his ridiculous excuse for the mess he has made.  We are bringing “democracy” to Iraq, if it takes the life of every Iraqi in the process.

Can’t help but think that this excuse is not only pathetic, but ignores the fact that Mr. Bush’s party does its damndest to take office by hook or by crook.  In most countries of the world, what the Republicans have gotten away with - in Ohio, for one example - would lead to civil war.  I suppose it is a tribute to Americans that we are sanguine enough to allow theft right under our noses.

Republican Verbal Sleight of Hand

Republicans have found a way to pull the wool over the eyes of the unthinking part of the electorate.

Examples: Referring to the estate tax as the “death tax.” Referring to the party of Thomas Jefferson as the “Democrat Party.”

The Democrats are too kind to reciprocate. Otherwise, they would refer to the “Republic Party.”

Darfur and the Sudan Government

Were the United Nations not too kind to rogue governments, it would have summoned up the gumption long ago to solicit member governments to man a band of parachute troops to land and arrest the criminals in charge of the government of Sudan.

The Press and Palestine

When a suicide bombing occurs in Israel, the American press gives full details, including the very names of the victims.

Not so, however, when Israel, as it has been doing constantly, destroys Palestinian lives and homes, especially in Gaza - that large prison camp.

Of course, what the media don’t realize is that one cannot be accused of anti-Semitism, if one notes the crimes committed against those other Semites, the Palestinians!

Jack Straw and the Veil

MP Jack Straw, whose constituency includes many veiled women, has suggested that it would be better were they to switch to head scarves.  He believes folks cannot communicate well if they cannot see each other’s faces.

I’m reminded of the late night my wife and I arrived at Heathrow Airport in London, and saw several veiled women in the line in front of us.  We decided to move to another line.  I’ve ever since regretted that we did not stay, to see how immigration officials deal with such a situation.

This Just In

The Governor of Massachusetts, Wilfred Romney (who, apparently, ashamed of his name, chooses to be called “Mitt”) has told the transport police to make random checks of bags in the subways operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority.  No real reason to do this, except that Wilfred is running for the Republican presidential nomination.  By golly, if President Bush can get away with violating the rights of Americans, Wilfred wants to demonstrate that he is just as tough!

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