Volume II                                 October 16, 2006                              Number 38
A Political, Social, Literary Journal

Suppose Your or My Favorite Spiritual Leader were to Speak on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?
James Adler
In the July 31st edition of HSC I laid out what I consider my "best self" on the Middle East...

Harvard Square Observer:
President Bush, Father of North Korean Atomic Weapon
Ernest Cassara
Perhaps a provocative heading, but, true nonetheless...

• Republican Spin of the Foley Affair
• Stuffing It Down
• Rebuffing President Chavez
• Articles of Note

Implication for the Long Run:
Developments Last Week
• Victory
• Paying the Bill
• Making New Terms
• The Republican Future
• Out of Date

Everything Else

In Florida:
Paradise and the Ants
John Turner
We've all heard that in certain places nature is fecund. Yet a feature of natural fecundity often overlooked is lots of bugs...

Wisdom from Polonius
Thoughts from the Koran
and the Talmud

Chuckle of the Week
How many members of the Bush Administration are needed to change a light bulb?

Site of the Week:
Home Popular
A Home and Garden Search Engine

From the Video Shop:
The King
Neil Turner
...a dark, sobering tale of revenge? desperation? love? redemption? realization?...

Editor's Panel

From the Editor
John Turner
Having survived the adventure in Buffalo, recounted in “From Liberty Street,” I am now in Chicago. It is different here from Vermont...

From Liberty Street: Misery
John Turner
Until last week I had not been trapped in a natural disaster. Now I have been and I want to report that the experience alters your sense of things...

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