Volume II                                 October 23, 2006                              Number 39
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Harvard Square Observer:
Why I Missed The War of the Worlds
Ernest Cassara
On the sixty-eighth anniversary of the greatest hoax in American history, we shall hear yet again a recounting of the stories...

Israel Deliberately Starves Palestinians Into Submission, Article in "The Nation" Says
Sherwood Ross
Many Americans haven’t the foggiest idea about why their country is reviled and attacked by Muslim militants...

• Mindless Repetition
• The Challenge in Massachusetts
• Demon Rum
• Presidential Photo Op
• Bonehead Award of the Week...
• Advertisement of the Week...

Implication for the Long Run:
Developments Last Week
• Tempting Faith
• National Conservative Student
• Extraordinary Statement
• Different Kinds of Republicans

Everything Else

Neil Turner
As you stroll through you own neighborhood, your own town, or distant places on your travels, do you ever focus on the doorways?...

Wisdom from Polonius
Thoughts of U.K.Leguin, S.Freud, M.Gatty, and J.Hendrix

Chuckle of the Week
The newly arrived novice at the Benedictine Monastery struck the Abbott as a very intelligent young man...

Chuckle of the Week - Extra
You may not know this, but many non-living things have a gender...

Site of the Week: One Bag
The Art and Science of Traveling Light

From the Video Shop:
Twelve and Holding
Neil Turner
This is an edgy little film that portrays twelve-year-olds in a far more reasonable light than most films...

Editor's Panel

From the Editor
John Turner
In The Way to Win, I've been regaling myself with tales of the "Freak Show" or the new media...

From Liberty Street:
The Congress of the
United States
John Turner
Over the weekend it was widely reported on the TV political programs that public approval of Congress stands at 16%...

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