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As you stroll through you own neighborhood, your own town, or distant places on your travels, do you ever focus on the doorways? Are you able to tell something about the people who live inside by observing their doorway? In newer homes, the physical doorway may just reflect the personality of the architect, but anything added by the owner of the house gives a little insight to the resident. The doorways of older homes probably reveal more of the people inside because the ravages of age have caused the owners to modify the physical nature of the structure. Below are some pictures I took of doorways in the historic district of Annapolis - all but one, that is. I sneaked in a picture of my own doorway. You might be able to spot it by the face of my "assistant" in the window. Can you tell anything about the people inside from these doorways?

We are looking for readers willing to share their own pictures and insights for the benefit of all. If you have some pictures (usually four to six) and some thoughts about the subject of your pictures, please send them to us at
Harvard Square Commentary, October 23, 2006

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