Ernest Cassara

Mindless Repetition

How many times have you heard lately that Republicans are stronger on defense than the Democrats? Who first uttered this mantra, and, why do the media mindlessly repeat it?

The Challenge in Massachusetts

The Bay State is in the remarkable position of having its prejudices tested in the upcoming gubernatorial election. A White woman, Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey (R), is running against a Black attorney, Deval Patrick (D). For one, I am convinced that last time around Shannon O'Brien (D) lost to Wifred Romney, otherwise known as "Mitt," because she is a woman. Several pundits, for instance, cited that she had sighed impatiently at some of his answers in a televised debate. I, too, sighed, but it was held against her! Uppity woman, you know!

I thought it ridiculous at the time that Romney, who was, also, considering a run in his Mormon country, Utah, but finally settled on Massachusetts, pushed Lt. Gov. Jane Swift out of the way.  He is using the Bay State as a stepping stone to the White House.  Spending more time on the road than in governing Massachusetts.

Demon Rum

Have you noticed that the all-purpose excuse, used by Mark Foley, among many others?
When they get into trouble, it was the booze that made them do it!

Presidential Photo Op

Have you noticed how often TV news programs show President Bush on his way to the helicopter, presumably to fly to Camp David or Andrews Air Force Base, or, on his return to the White House, waving to dozens of folks lined up observing him. 

Question: How many man hours are squandered from work in the White House and the Executive Office Building in order to provide a photo op for the Prez?

Bonehead Award of the Week . . .

. . . To Congressman Chris Shays, Republican of Connecticut, who, in defending House Speaker Hastert's mishandling of the Mark Foley affair, said the Speaker never killed anyone, gratuitously referring back to Senator Kennedy and Chappaquiddick

Advertisement of the Week . . .

A banner across the top of the buses of the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (the "T,”) an ad for a TV channel: "My TV, more drama than driving in Boston."

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Harvard Square Commentary, October 23, 2006