End the Feud:
A Letter to the Editor Published October 29, 2006 in The Jerusalem Post

James Adler

Sir, - I admire both Michael Lerner and Alan Dershowitz and wish they would get over their feud. Lerner is not a hard-leftist. Dershowitz is not a hard-rightist. Both supported Al Gore and then John Kerry for president. Both are American liberal Democratic Jews. Both are progressive strong supporters of Israel.

Both oppose violence and terrorism against Israel, and both oppose the Israeli occupation and the settlements. Their books - Lerner's Healing Israel/Palestine and Dershowitz's The Case for Peace are remarkably similar.

In fact, any anti-Zionist who doesn't know why the Jews are in Israel, and why they did what they have done through the last century, will never learn better than from Lerner's book.
I don't know who "started" this apparent feud between them - when my children bicker, no one "starts" it and there's a little bit of blame on both sides.

But both gentlemen are pro-Zionist and believe that the Jewish people have the right to a state in the Holy Land - Lerner as much as Dershowitz, and I have heard him, in person, when challenged by anti-Zionists, passionately defend this right.

I wish they would forgive each other, forget their feud and concentrate on the progressive and pro-Israel (and pro-Palestinian) future upon which they emphatically and mainly agree with each other.

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