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John Turner

I'm sorry we had to be a day late with the HSC this week. I had some family commitments I had to take care of.

You'll probably read this on Tuesday, election day. I think this is among the most important non-presidential elections the nation has experienced. It could well serve as an indicator of whether a majority of voters are capable of learning from events. I have heard no reasoned arguments about why the Republican Party should retain Congressional control. The Republicans' behavior has been bad for the nation. So, if they are not rejected to some degree, a message will be sent that a party can get away with virtually anything so long as it pumps out saccharine propaganda about being patriotic and defending the country against evil forces.

What the nation needs now is defense against the Republicans.

I voted in Vermont before I set off on my journey to Florida. Early voting seems to be a growing trend. The newspapers here report that in some towns more than 20% of the votes will have been cast before election days. All in all, that's probably a good thing. It should increase voter turnout, and people who vote early may well have been paying greater attention to the issues than those who cast their votes in the traditional way.

In any case, I hope we'll have a greater turnout than has been expected and that the results will produce a change in Congressional leadership. The Bush administration has more than two years to run, and as they have made clear lately they will continue trying to take all limits off presidential power. So, we need a Congress that will check their efforts. In two years, without competent oversight, the Republicans can do much additional damage to the fabric of the Constitution.

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Harvard Square Commentary, November 6, 2006