Volume II                                November 20, 2006                             Number 43
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Three Dangerous Fundamentalisms
James Adler
Recently, Jeff Jacoby had an OPED in the Boston Globe called "Scenes from Jihad," about "Jihadists," that is, Islamic fundamentalists, around the world..

Harvard Square Observer:
The Non-War “War”
Ernest Cassara
Our president prances around, bragging that he is a “wartime president.”  Perhaps, this is the real reason that he and Prime Minister Blair plotted together to invade Iraq...

Conventional Wisdom And Bad People In Washington
Lawrence Velvel
This posting is about more of the rot coming out of Washington.  It begins with the matter of the so-called Iraq Study Group...

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Everything Else

In Tampa:
Hillsborough High School
John Turner
The school I attended in Tampa, Florida, so many years ago I don't want to tell you how long, is a fairly impressive institution...

Wisdom from Polonius
Thoughts of Turkey Day

Chuckle of the Week
Skip and Terry are fishing in a boat under a bridge...

Site of the Week: KeyCode
An online discount shopping mall

From the Video Shop:
Sophie Scholl: The Final Days
Neil Turner
In World War II Germany, there was a group comprised mainly of students called The White Rose that protested the actions of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis...

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From the Editor
John Turner
This past week I tried to get a stronger sense of what Florida is about by driving to Sebring, a city with a reputation for extracting money from people who are waiting to expire, and ...

From Liberty Street:
Changing Minds
John Turner
An article by Peter Baker in Sunday's Washington Post says that many of the Bush administration's former staunch supporters are disgusted with the way things are going in Iraq...

Ernest Cassara
Founding Editor

John Turner
Mananging Editor