Volume II                                December 18, 2006                             Number 47
A Political, Social, Literary Journal

A Long View of Jimmy Carter and The Baker Report
James Adler
Before the League of Nations Mandates were...

Speaking Frankly About Israel and Palestine
Jimmy Carter
[My] recent book is drawing knee-jerk accusations of anti-Israel bias...

Harvard Square Observer:
Iraq and the Social Contract
Ernest Cassara
As I have said before, President George W. Bush has wrecked...

Sanity, Competence, and the Latest Washington Crock About Iraq
Lawrence Velvel
To my surprise, the recent post raising the issue of George Bush’s sanity received a reasonable amount of response...

• Rumpole Returns
• Scams on the Net
• A Hypochondriacal Nation
• Our Roving Governor
• Best Bumper Stickers of 2006

Implication for the Long Run:
Developments Last Week
• Brain Awry
• The Big Contest
• Heart Change, Mind Stubborn
• Forced Testimony
• A Cankered Slice
• Threats to Democracy
• Political Positioning
• Oversight
• Winning Models
Everything Else

In Florida: Amelia Island
John Turner
At the northeastern tip of Florida, jutting out into the St. Mary's River which separates the Sunshine State from Georgia, is Amelia Island...

Wisdom from Polonius
Out of the Mouths of Babes

Chuckle of the Week
Holiday Personality Disorders

Site of the Week:
Brain Health
Get to know your brain and learn what to do to improve your memory and learning.

From the Video Shop:
Silent Night
Neil Turner
I must admit that I am a sap for holiday movies - even most of the sugary sweet ones, but this film expresses the true spirit of the holiday with a sobering touch of reality...

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Editor's Panel

From the Editor
John Turner
We have a new puppy at our house for Christmas, which is definitely not a matter of  international import. And, yet, he's quite engrossing...

From Liberty Street:
Devout Rescue
John Turner
As we approach the main religious holiday of the year my mind is pushed inexorably towards a search for an adequate definition of "religion,"...

Ernest Cassara
Founding Editor

John Turner
Mananging Editor

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