From the Video Shop: Brooklyn Lobster

Neil Turner

2005 - United States - 90 minutes

Writer and Director - Kevin Jordan

Internet Movie Database User Rating - 6.8/10 - Link to IMDb

Roger Ebert's Rating - 3 of 4 Stars - Link to Ebert's Review

My Rating - 5 of 5 Stars

If you like films about real people expertly portrayed by established and talented actors, you'll love Brooklyn Lobster. Writer/director, Kevin Jordan based his film upon his real family that has been in the seafood business in New York since 1938. He shows us a picture of his family that is loving but not saccharine.

The family patriarch is played by Danny Aiello who shows us a strong, single-minded man. He is stubborn and has many flaws, but beneath beats the proverbial heart of gold. He loves his business and its traditions and attempts to move heaven and earth to save it from the bankers who are trying to foreclose.

Jane Curtin is excellent as the marriage-weary wife who has decided to divorce herself from the conflict of the business and from a man who sees only the business and nothing else. Most people think of comedy if Curtin is involved, but her range as an actor enables her to take a part such as this and make it her own. She beautifully portrays a woman who has become fed up with her live yet can move on without bitterness.

Daniel Sauli plays the son who has managed to escape the trials of the family business but is conflicted with the desire to help his father. He gives us a realistic picture of a young man caught between the love of his girlfriend and his new life and the love and devotion to his father.

All this is combined with a spate of superior supporting actors who combine with worthy writing and insightful directing to produce a film about real life with all the humor and heartbreak that it involves.

If you decide to give this film a viewing, be sure to view the special features on the DVD as they will enhance your pleasure by giving you a look at the real people upon whom the film is based.

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