Lessons From The Philippines Insurrection
And Our Overthrow Of Mossadegh, Part II

Dean Lawrence R. Velvel

On July 11 and July 31, 2006, this writer posted essays based on a 2006 book by Stephen Kinzer called Overthrow: America’s Century Of Regime Change From Hawaii To Iraq.  One essay involved the Philippines Insurrection around the turn of the 20th Century.  The other involved the fact and the still bedeviling consequences of the American overthrow of Prime Minister Mossadegh of Iran in 1953.  It also set forth some ideas regarding peace in the Middle East.

Unfortunately but expectably, the facts and ideas discussed in those postings are still as relevant six months later as when the original postings occurred.  For six months later, of course, we are still dealing with continuous American military interventionism, grave problems with Iran, and a disaster in Iraq.  Indeed, certain of these problems, maybe all three of them, may be rushing to a head.  And now, after the November 7th elections, there may also be increased receptivity to the ideas in the two July posts.

For all these reasons, two postings based on Kinzer’s book have been or are being reposted, one yesterday and the other today.  The (forlorn?) hope is that they might make some modest contribution to the debate over conflicting ideas that is currently taking place in this country.

The July 31, 2006 essay on the overthrow of Mossadegh, and its consequences for the United States, is linked from here.

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