Ernest Cassara

Going In Style

As you know, Art Buchwald has gone to the Great Beyond.  And, ever the great humorist that he was, he managed to announce his own death on video tape!

He was, also, very brave.  He refused dialysis.  Despite the predictions of medicos, he lived much longer than the few months they had given him.

The “Democrat” vs. the “Democratic Party”

A few years back, some Republicans discovered a way to get the goat of the Democrats.  They began to refer to the “Democrat Party.”  President Bush did not do himself any favors by use of the insulting term in his State of the Union Address.

Gingrich and the Marriage Game

Was reminded the other day that former Congressman Newt Gingrich is now on his third wife.  Yet, Mr. Bush and others would like to amend the Constitution to state that marriage is between one man and one woman.

But, apparently, they are not “conservative” when it comes to the marriage vow.  They have nothing against serial monogamy.

Willard Romney and Marriage

Willard Romney, who prefers to be known as “Mitt,” also, advocates that the Constitution define marriage as between one man and one woman.  One would think that a Mormon, given the past of his church, would keep his mouth shut on the subject.

Romney’s Career

Someone asked me the other day what Romney accomplished as governor of Massachusetts.  Honestly cannot think of one thing.

He used the old Bay State as a stepping stone.   If he actually runs, I hope that the opposition will dredge up all of the nasty jokes he told about the Commonwealth while on the road, paving the way for a White House run.

American Imperialism

President Bush has said that as soon as the Iraqis “stand up” the U.S. will “stand down.”  How does one reconcile this with the fact that we are building 14 permanent military bases in Iraq?

To those fellow Americans who approve of such a plan, I have one question.  Were, say, Iraq to invade Mexico, would we consent to the establishment of 14 Iraqi bases close to us?

Should Iran feel any more comfortable?

Should the HSC Issue Its Own Credit Card?

I notice that if one signs up for a Citibank American Airlines credit card, one will receive a “free” air mile for every dollar charged.  I puzzled a long time as to how American Airlines could do this.  Then it occurred to me.  Many folks incur penalty charges if they do not pay in full every month.  The debt often piles up and up.  So, it is this feature that makes it worthwhile for AA to do this.  The airline has an escape hatch, also.  It reserves the right to close down the credit card business at its discretion.

Now, what could the editors of this esteemed online journal offer as a reward for use of an HSC credit card?  I have it!  Autographed copies of the columns of our authors!

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