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Re: Harvard Square Observer of 1/29/2007

In his January 29 column "Jimmy Carter's Critics," Cassara glosses over Dennis Ross' criticism of Carter's book as "claiming they (maps) are very similar to those he devised."  What Ross wrote in his January 9 op ed piece in the New York Times was that Carter had mislabeled the maps in his books resulting in a misleading impression about the failure of the peace talks.  Ross, who was present at both Camp David and Taba, added that the "Clinton parameters would have produced (an) independent Palestinian state with 100 percent of Gaza and about 97 percent of West Bank, with elevated train or highway to connect them."  Arafat rejected the proposal.

Cassara also calls Alan Dershowitz a "rabid Zionist," though the Boston Globe account of Carter's appearance at Brandeis mentions that Dershowitz said that he and Carter were "Not that far apart."  M.J. Rosenberg on the Israel Policy Forum website (1/26/07) notes that Dershowitz added that "We (Carter and Dershowitz) are both pro-Israel and pro-Palestine."

Jerome Richard

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Harvard Square Commentary, February 5, 2007