Volume III                                 February 19, 2007                                   Number 8
A Political, Social, Literary Journal

A Letter in the Somerville Journal -- and a Postscript
James Adler
Inspired by John Turner's overview of the Israeli-Arab conflict in last week's issue, I'm going to try my hand at it. But...

Harvard Square Observer
Last week in this space, I wrote of having to prepare a talk, “Carl Schurz: From German Revolutionary to American Statesman.”...

America! If You Will Not Impeach This Tyrant Who Will You Impeach?
Sherwood Ross
If you, my fellow Americans, will not demand the impeachment of the worst president in American history, a man who is ...

A Letter to the Officers of National Public Radio
Lawrence Velvel
I have noticed that, by the wording of questions they ask guests, your newscasters continue to propagate the outrageous lie that ...

Prepared for the
Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

• “Progressive Lenses!”
• C-SPAN In The Morning
• Haters and “Fags”
• A Living Document?  - Part 3

Implication for the Long Run:
Developments Last Week
• Forbidden Truth
• Bad People
• Identity
• The Odor of Words
• A Debt to Be Honored
• A Real Threat
• Who are We?
• Pay Gap
• Our Money's Worth
Everything Else

In Vermont:
Valentine's Day Blizzard
The snow started in Vermont late on Tuesday night and it came down steadily for about 26 hours...

Did You Know?
Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod
An extraordinary video exploring some facts of today and predictions for tomorrow...

Wisdom from Polonius
Thoughts of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison

Chuckle of the Week
Thanks to Susannah Winder and Travis Winder, for the valentine to one of our editors, from which the following are copied...

Site of the Week:
Microscopic Art
Photographsof amazing micro-sculptures created by Willard Wigan

From the Video Shop:
I really liked Capote - especially the performance of Philip Seymour Hoffman, but I must say I was far more impressed by this version of the same story ...

Editor's Panel

From Liberty Street:
A Dialogue
Dr. Samuel Johnson and Friedrich Nietzsche meet at a pub called "The Willing Mind," in a land where no one in this land can go, if he wishes to remain a resident here....

From the Editor
In this number we begin a new feature which will appear in the Editor's panel each week...

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• Re: From the Editor (2/12/2007)

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