Chuckle of the Week

Thanks to Susannah Winder and Travis Winder, for the valentine to one of our editors, from which the following are copied.

Q.: When is a baseball player like a spider?
A.: When he catches flies.

Q.: What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?
A.: A towel.

Q.: On what side of a school does an elm tree grow?
A.: The outside.

Q.: Who is bigger - Mrs. Bigger of Mrs. Bigger’s baby?
A.: The baby is just a little Bigger.

Q.: What’s the difference between an old dime and a new nickel?
A.: Five cents.

Q.: In what month do dogs bark least?
A.: In February, because it’s the shortest.

Q.: What kind of paper is the best for making kites?
A.: Fly paper.

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Harvard Square Commentary, February 19, 2007